Timothy Chandler was also referred as, Major latter on in his life, was born on April 25.1762 and died on August 9,1848.It is not known where he had served as an  apprenticed to in his clockmaking..He had moved a short time to Connnecticut  and then back to Concord New Hampshire in around 1785. In this time period it's most probable that he had learned his clockmaking skills. In 1797 he had enlisted with the Minute Men and was given the Commisson of Major in 1799.

He had been a Hand Card Maker (carding wool) silversmith,goldsmith and  had many other interest. All his clock movements are typical of the New Hampshire makers which have arched cut outs in the front and back plates of the movements.It may have been that these clock makers were conserving on the brass for there clock movements....

Chandlers Tall clocks were singed on the dials T. Chandler or would be dye stamped on the seatboard such as this clock has.

Also on the inside of the Chandler, Pine Backboard is  the name of the Cabnietmaker  (Made and Sold ,by Moses Hazzen,Sr. He was born jn Weare, New Hampshire. Hazen was an cabinetmaker and joiner  at work from Ca. 1805 to 1837. Also his name would appear on his labels as spelled Hazzen such as on this tall clock...

Nice, original, clocks are becoming harder to find...This Tall Clock would meet the expectations of  clock collectors of New Hampshire.  

Flamed Mahogany veneer on solid Mahogany case. Beautiful birch string inlay. Hand painted dial,signed,  J. Rice

Albany. Joseph Rice was a retailer in Albany New York and signed clocks by this maker are rare.

joseph rice

Albany New York Ca. 1830


Stamped Seat board

timothy Chandler

   Concord, New Hampshire Ca. 1800