This timepiece has Gilt rope frames with a Gilt bracket. The case is mahogany as is the chimney and one piece backboard. The fine arrow hand are steel, blued and the minute hand is marked. The dial is iron and painted. The bezel is solid cast brass and retains the original bezel glass. . The brass side arms are pinned and hand filed and finished. The brass spun ball finial sits atop the timepiece case. The tablets have a geometric painting in the throat and is singed Aaron Willard Jr..The bottom tablet is of the Mythological "Aurora" which are of the reverse painting and depicts her in a chariot pulled by two white horses...


This is a beautiful timepiece and worthy for your collection

Above is an Aaron Willard Timepiece, Ca 1810...Aaron was the son of Aaron Sr..Aaron was born in Roxbury, Ma. on June 29, 1783 and died on May 2, 1864 in Newton, Ma. Aaron was listed in  directories at his fathers address which was on Washington street until 1815 or there about. It has been said that he purchased his own residence at the Neck in Boston Ma.. In June 1823 Aaron Jr. advertised that...He continues to make and has for sale at his shop of manufacturing, at Washington Street (which was also on the Neck) of fine Timepieces, mantle, Gallery clocks of all types. There is much to be said about this famous clockmaker and his family..

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Aaron Willard Jr. Timepiece Ca. 1810