Time and strike Bell strike, Weight driven:                               $850

Period Tall clock        Restoration ca.

18th -19th century 

      General Restoration pricing

Grand father clock, three train, Westminster chime and strike, chain wound


House calls are $150.00 within a 10 mile radius  

Grandfather Clocks, Three train:

Triple chime and strike,cable or chain wound . ($550.00-$750)

Mantle and Wall clocks ,including Calendar Clocks....

 Time only:   $175.00 - $250.00

Cuckoo Clocks : Estimates given upon inspection....

Case restoration and refinishing, Period glass replacement, hand polishing of brass ornaments and Dial restoration estimates 

are given...

The above pricing may exceed   depending upon condition of tall clock movement 

Tubular & Bell clocks: estimates given upon inspection.... 

Period wall clocks, mantle clocks estimate given

20th Century antique and Contemporary Clocks which include Grandfather,Grandmother,mantle,and wall clocks. 

Wall Clocks and Mantle clocks:

   Time and strike: $225-$350


Memories are creations of times past. A clock can be just that. They can, be brought back....


I have been restoring and selling period clocks for over 30 years. The picture above is the Tower clock in the center of Chelmsford Ma. that I had preformed a complete restoration on in 2012. I have restored the main lobby clock in the First Session court room in Lowell Ma. as I have for many other clocks in the surrounding towns. Also, I have just completed the restoration of the Lowell High School Clock on Kirk St.. A 7 month restoration starting in May and completion in November 2014. I specialize in the complete restoration of the clock, case, dial, and movement. If the Dial needs retouching, I consult an artisan for that service. The case work is performed in my shop as is the restoration of the movement. I make house calls by appointment and warranty my work for 1 year from the completion date. I have a large selection of period tall clocks, wall clocks, and mantle clocks to be viewed, inspected, and purchased in my showroom.  I am available for consulting and I look forward to discussing your needs and wishes. I will continue to be as helpful in any way that I can. Please, feel free to contact me anytime.   

All the Best, James B. Mckenna